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The story behind The Deadbook

About Us

At the age of 33, our founder, Tripp, found himself managing his late mother's estate after her unexpected passing. That experience inspired husband-and-wife duo from Atlanta, GA to launch a product to help others during a sensitive time.

Navigating Grief

After Tripp found his mother, Susan, dead in her kitchen, his world crumbled into pieces. As an only child, he was not only in the midst of grieving the death of his mom, but also having to plan her celebration of life, close her credit cards, ensure her bills were paid, do her taxes, sell a car and so many more tasks that seemed so trivial given what had happened.

That's the part they don't tell you when a loved one dies. The world keeps turning and the administrative items have to be taken care of, yet they can be difficult to navigate.

With his mother's Deadbook, Tripp had an effective framework to begin addressing Susan's estate. He spent hours on the phone per day and completed endless pages of paperwork, sometimes multiple times. As executor, most institutions would only speak to Tripp. The information the book contained allowed his wife and co-founder, Jessica, to help with simple things, taking some of the administrative load off of Tripp, and allowing both more time to grieve.

The more the couple talked about The Deadbook, the more people asked them to see it so they could do this for their loved ones.

And so The Deadbook was born, with the goal of helping others who are trying to balance grief and loss with everything that comes with administering an estate.

Leave With Peace

This was Susan's Deadbook. The idea to create a central storage location with all of her information - from assets and liabilities to what to do with her jewelry - came after her mother, Tripp's grandmother, passed away. While grieving, Susan had to locate and compile the required documents to provide to institutions, like the government and the banks, in order to administrate and close her mother's estate.

Our company provides a tool that makes administrating an estate as easy as possible. No one should have to spend months, or even years of their life, trying to navigate administrative tasks unprepared during an already sensitive time. We believe the time after losing a loved one should be for grief, not uneeded stress.